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The gutsy move was when Quiksilver decided to start a brand new sister company exclusively for women. The time was 1990, and eventually, female surfers despite their achievements in and out hadn’t as of then drummed up the community that guys enjoyed so far. But as they say, great things always take guts, so did Roxy require. Women’s surf market was that time a massive opportunity, and hence Roxy was born in the water. After a three years time span, the company soon was in a serious role. Enter the ever-popular Roxy logo, and enter the time when Roxy team was in Hawaii sitting on a beach when the idea of women’s board short struck in. A fusion of fit and flexibility, Roxy is touted still. And on this Black Friday 2019, Roxy fans are as excited as last year, because they are offering heavy discounts on their product lineups, so what are you waiting for? There’s no delay! Also check othe black friday deals like
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